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Chlorinated polyethylene mixed glue

Chlorinated polyethylene mixing rubber

By repeated formula in zibo city of rubber and plastic products co., LTD. Practice and performance testing, successfully developed the mixing rubber hose special XK - JG - 01 - a specimens vulcanizates properties or extrusion vulcanization performance meet and exceed the standards prescribed by the state. Various performance indicators meet the national requirements, has a significant cost advantage.
Method of use
Mixing rubber extrusion: chlorinated polyethylene rubber hose XK - JG - 01 - a direct input extruder feeding mouth out.
Vulcanization process: vulcanizing pot sulfide. Suitable cloth, plastic coated vulcanization process.
Curing conditions: 150 ℃ * 45 to 60 minutes
Application field
Suitable for weather resistance of rubber hose, oil resistant, flame retardant requirements. Such as high pressure wire winding, weaving hose, automotive hose, etc.

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